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Alphatherm Inc. is a Canadian importer, exporter and a distributor of industrial goods such as corrosion/abrasion resistant and refractory materials,vitrified clay pipe and structural glazed masonry. We are located outside of Toronto in Markham, Ontario. Founded in 1982 by Chris VonHerff and now owned by Peter and Jackie McNamara since 1999. Customer service has always been our primary goal. Whatever you need, we can find it for you.

For the past 30 years our business has adapted to the changing times by adding new niche lines as requested by ourcustomers. However, with the adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it" in mind, we continue to sell many of the same products our founder started with. The reason is - they work. We offer long term solutions that will save you money over time. Many of our partners have been with us from the start.

Ergon Corrosion Engineering (formerly known as Henkel, Atochemand Pennwalt) has been providing us with great brands like Pennchem, FURALAC Green Panel, Phenolic (mortars), CORLOK, K14 and HB Silicate and HES Cement,FLEXJOINT Joint Fillers, GUNITE Mix SDX, PACMASTIC 325, TUFCHEM II membrane,Silicate Concrete and Gunite. PENNTROWEL 250, Vinyl Ester / LF System(primers), Water Cleanable Epoxy, THINSET Adhesive, PENNCOAT 210, 221, 227, 331, 340 and 401, PENNGUARD 55 Block and TTS.

BELDEN has been our main supplier of red shale acid resistant Type II Doubles, Singles and Vertical Fibre Floor Pavers. These are used widely in acid plants.

SUMMITVILLE provides Type I acid resistant floor pavers in smooth, abrasive and diamond tread finishes along with cove base , internal and external corners and quarry tile.

FUZION Technologies (Kittanning Brick Company) has provided us with DURO fireclay acid brick and AC Brand units.

Logan Claymakes the world's longest lasting pipe, it's proven to be the most dependable and durable for permanent, problem free sanitary sewers.

Our roots were in refractory products and we still maintain relationships with Minteq (formerly Zedmark) along with Mt. Savage, Vesuvius, RHI, Fibrecast, Alsey, ANH, Allied Mineral, Resco.

Graphite Cova for our CecolitA Chemical Carbon Brick straights and shapes.

Elgin Butler Brick Company provided us with glazed tile for pulp chests for many years before we began to represent their line of glazed brick and tile, much of which we sell to the Toronto Transit Commission.

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Alphatherm Incorporated Alphatherm Incorporated Alphatherm Incorporated Alphatherm Incorporated Alphatherm Incorporated
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