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  Acid Resistant Systems
Alphatherm Incorporated If you use structurally damaging chemicals in your processes an effective chemical resistant lining is imperative to maintaining productivity and avoiding costly maintenance shutdowns. At Alphatherm Inc., we provide a number of different options including brick floors, monolithics, chemical resistant concretes, and even anchored thermoplastics for important trench applications. The solution to your problem could be any one of the above mentioned options, and we would be happy to sit down with you and discuss what your particular needs are.

Food plants, mineral processing facilities, pulp and paper mills etc., have all used chemical resistant bricks and mortars with great success. Lining thicknesses can vary from 1 3/16" in food plants with little traffic, to 4 1/2" linings in mining facilities. This, as well as the mortar specified, depends largely on the chemicals involved in your processes. Our excellent team of technical advisors will work with you to determine which combination of brick, mortar, and membrane will be most effective in your facility.

  Alphatherm Acid Resistant Systems
  Other products include rapid-curing concrete products for time-sensitive applications, glazed tile and blocks for food and pulp and paper facilities, chemical carbon brick (see Chemical Carbon Brick section), structural granite, abrasion-resistant tile, borosilicate glass block used in the power generation industry, etc. chemical resistant mortar.

Over the years Alphatherm Inc. has established strong relationships with companies such as Belden Brick Company, ERGON Corrosion Engineering Division (through it's changes Henkel from AtoFina Chemicals, Atochem North America and, Pennwalt Corporation), Kittanning Brick Company, Pecora Corporation etc.. We continue to grow to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers.