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  Vitrified Clay Pipe
Alphatherm Incorporated There are many different choices to make when designing an effective long lasting sewerage operation, not the least of which is the type of pipe to be used. For centuries clay pipe has been used around the world as a logical solution to tough sewerage problems. Today’s clay pipe performs even better then clay pipe produced in the past. Clay pipe manufactured by The Logan Clay Products Company is designed to stand up to the abuse that pipe made from inferior materials cannot.

Clay pipe has a number of advantages over other types of pipe. First of all, it is made from all natural clay. Nothing in the components or the finished product can damage the environment the way other pipe materials have done. Today’s clay pipe also has great structural strength, which allows it to support an earth load of several thousands of pounds without losing its shape. Logan Clay utilizes a very effective O-ring joint system that gives the pipeline greater flexibility underground.

Most of all, vitrified clay pipe is chemically inert. It will not degrade in the presence of toxic or otherwise aggressive chemicals that can be found in commercial and industrial sewers.

All of these advantages are quite impressive, but the most attractive feature of today’s clay pipe – is its extremely long life. Clay pipelines have been installed in North America for over 100 years and some of those lines are still functioning like they were new! Today’s vitrified clay pipe is an investment your children’s grandchildren can count on. It’s the best choice for those who believe that sewers should last longer than the building structures they serve. Today’s clay pipe – the best way for tomorrow.
For specifications and other information on vitrified clay pipe visit the Logan Clay Products website. Alphatherm Bell and Spigot Animation